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New & Used Caravans & Trailers, Tents & Camping Gear, Boats & Motors in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal Central to Pinetown, North Coast & South Coast of KZN

Marine: Boats and Motors

Natal Caravans and Marine is the premier marine dealership in KZN. We gear up for the customer that appreciates value, choice and support in making their outdoor living purchases. We will supply you the correct boat, engine, accessories and sporting equipment to make you experiences on the water memorable.

Natal Caravans & Marine offer only the best offshore and inland boating brands available in South Africa.

Certified Yamaha Dealership

We specialise in new boat engine sales and servicing. Contact us today all your boating and leisure craft spares and accessories.

Natal Caravans & Marine

One World Outdoors

New Caravans

Embark on a journey of comfort and exploration with caravans, where the road becomes your home and every destination an adventure.

Pre-Owned Caravans

Looking for adventure without breaking the bank? Discover our impressive selection of preowned caravans, where quality meets affordability!

New Boats & Motors

Set sail into endless horizons of adventure and relaxation with boats, where the water becomes your gateway to exploration.

Pre-Owned Boats

Dive into a world of high-speed aquatic excitement and freedom with jetskis, where the waves are your playground.

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New staff, new products at Natal Caravans & Marine
Explore the Bush Lapa Range at Natal Caravans & Marine

Explore the Bush Lapa Range at Natal Caravans & Marine

Our top selling brand and a leading manufacturer of off-road caravans in South Africa. Bush Lapa’s range of caravans are a big part of the Natal Caravans & Marine family, and we invite you to come and see them for yourself. Look out for the BushLapa caravans which...

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Explore Our Premium Selection of Pre-Owned Boats, Jetskis, Outboards & Caravans – All in Immaculate Condition

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Customer Reviews

Based on 417 reviews
Laura van der Westhuizen
Laura van der Westhuizen
If I had R1m, this is the shop I would visit for sure. Great place
seelan naidoo
seelan naidoo
Good to see types of Motor homes
Johan von Backstrom
Johan von Backstrom
Did some maintenance work on my caravan.
Carol Botha
Carol Botha
Friendly quick service
Anne Couzens
Anne Couzens
Within the last few months I've popped in a few times to the shop and was always well received by friendly and informative staff. I recently bought a cast iron gas burner (I think its called a boiler) and got my gas bottle refilled (they only fill what you need - so no wastage). Once home, and no-one to assist me in putting it together - I drove back to the shop (about 2 weeks later) and asked if someone could put it together for me. I waited about 20 minutes and everything was assembled and ready to go. When I asked for the Bill - they said it was part of their service. Lovely people, lovely service. Thanks
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