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Explore the Bush Lapa Range at Natal Caravans & Marine

Our top selling brand and a leading manufacturer of off-road caravans in South Africa. Bush Lapa’s range of caravans are a big part of the Natal Caravans & Marine family, and we invite you to come and see them for yourself. Look out for the BushLapa caravans which are for sale and on display in our store.

Safety is a top priority for BushLapa caravans. The body and chassis are made from 3CR12 stainless steel, while the interior is constructed from high-quality aluminium. The caravans are equipped with quality appliances and SABS-approved parts, ensuring that you have a comfortable and safe camping experience.

Built for off-road use, the BushLapa caravans are designed to be both rugged and comfortable. They look like trailers, camp like caravans, and feel like 4x4s. The body construction and chassis design are clear indications of their off-road capabilities, and they offer a unique camping experience that will make you feel closer to nature.

At Natal Caravans & Marine, we’re committed to delivering quality products and excellent service to our customers. We’re confident that our partnership with Bush Lapa will provide our customers with a range of exceptional off-road caravans that are built to last. Once you become a Bushlapian, you’re sure to stay loyal to the brand. Come and see the Bush Lapa caravans for yourself and experience the magic of off-road camping.

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