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Marine: Boats & Motors

New & Used Boats & Outboard Motors for Sale in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal Central to Pinetown, North Coast & South Coast of KZN

Natal Caravans and Marine is the premier marine dealership in KZN. We gear up for the customer that appreciates value, choice and support in making their outdoor living purchases. We will supply you the correct boat, engine, accessories and sporting equipment to make you experiences on the water memorable.

Natal Caravans & Marine offer only the best offshore and inland boating brands available in South Africa.

New Boats

Embark on a journey of comfort and exploration with caravans, where the road becomes your home and every destination an adventure.

Pre-Owned Boats

Set sail into endless horizons of adventure and relaxation with boats, where the water becomes your gateway to exploration.

Outboard Motors

Dive into a world of high-speed aquatic excitement and freedom with jetskis, where the waves are your playground and adventure awaits.

Brand new or second hand, land or sea, we are your one stop boating shop all under one roof, so come and let us be part of your adventure.