Catskee Introduction / Overview

Zero running costs, zero maintenance, easily launched by one person, nearly hands free operation just some of the features of Catskee`s design and performance!

The Catskee is a multi functional leg (pedal) powered recreational boat allowing eco friendly, hassle and cost free boating.

Of catamaran (twin hull) configuration with two large propellers and a bow rudder it can safely and easily be enjoyed by competent children and the elderly alike.

Featuring back to back seating with a bow seat to carry two adults or an adult and two children comfortably it completes a perfect, fun and cost effective family boat.

With over 220 liters of storage space and the option of customizing it offers fisherman, nature lovers and photographers a hands free quiet, controllable platform that optimizes their time on the water! More casts! Camera or binoculars always ready in hand! Kids easily helped or controlled!

The forward situated bow rudder provides unrivalled control in windy conditions often a complaint on small boats! When the wind starts blowing you`ll be glad you`re on a Catskee!

Swing down transport wheels and a purpose built roll-on trailer allow easy launching and trailering by one person without the need for a slipway. You will be enjoying before others are even floating!

Having a wet deck means it can be left out in the open without covers or shelter. Its built for water and rain will not bother it!

No corners have been cut when it comes to quality! Yes we could build the boat cheaper but this would directly impact on the boats longevity; equally we could build it with more expensive materials but do not believe that this would have lasting benefit or add value.

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